The Penticton Real Estate Market Is Open For Business

In the second quarter of 2015 Canadian home prices have shown one of the biggest gains in the world real estate markets. With the year-over-year growth of 8.2 percent, Canada has the fourth highest pace of growth in the word. Top-ranked is Ireland with a 13.3 percent gain, followed by Sweden with 10.5 and Australia with 8.3. The Penticton real estate market proved that this statistics are correct, and the prices are starting to grow again.
You may think that it is risky to invest in real estate at this time, but while this may be true for countries such as France, Italy, Brazil or Russia, which had a negative year-over-year percentage change in 2015, the same cannot be said about Canada. The Canadian home sales and pricing have proven strong against an even more challenging economic environment, boosted by ultra-low borrowing costs and encouraging home buying demographics. And as the market has shown, the real estate prices tend to grow, so this is the perfect moment to buy and invest in real estate.


Why Penticton?

Penticton is known for beaches, peaches and wine. This is also an an area that is attractive to entrepreneurs who manage high rating companies from all sorts of domains, such as manufacturing, technology, construction and tourism. Penticton is the perfect combination of the quiet lifestyle and business climate. The economic development it has shown makes Penticton one of the most promising cities in Canada. It has a business-friendly environment that has a small or no tax increase and a balanced approach to property tax allocations among business – residence – economic incentives.

What can I buy in Penticton?

Penticton offers you the possibility of acquiring property of a large assortment. Whether it is a luxury home, simple house, townhome or condominium, you will find the type of property you want. You can even choose to buy a plot of land and use it for future investments. Penticton is the perfect place where you should buy because you can find anything you want and have a broad range of options and business opportunities at your disposal. And if you wish to purchase a home as an investment, know that there are always new people who move to Penticton and are in need of a place to stay, so renting may be an option as well.


Getting The Help You Need

Penticton Real Estate can help you find what you want and provide you with an ecellent offer. We feature great listings on our website that suit a variety of budgets and have access to exclusive listings as well. In addition, with the assistance of our agents, you can do open-house visits and negotiate to obtain the best possible price. Contact us and ask find out everything you need to know about about buying property in the Penticton area.


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